At home as in the luxury restaurant: Yuda Galis, the Hollywood stars personal chef

He used to cook for Morgan Freeman and Will Smith. Since 2008 he imposed himself as a personal chef on the London scene (and not only). We are talking about Yuda Galis, not yet turned 40, Israeli cook and Galor‘s founder, a successful platform of private chefs.

Yachts, luxury villa, charming hotels, institutional events and even private jets. The “world” of Yuda and his team today is this.

Private chef in London: face to face with Yuda Galis (founder of Galor)

Q: You’re a founder of Galor private chef. How was your idea born?

I’m a chef with more than 20 years of experience in hospitality, hotels and catering companies. In 2008 I started to cook privately for private clients and loved it! I become very busy and started to work with other private chefs and so Galor grew into a private chef agency, its given me a lot of pleasure helping other chefs find the perfect job, developing the business and challenging myself every day.

Q: How many chefs are involved in Galor private chef? 

Currently we have more than 1000 chefs registered with us from all around the world, mainly the UK.

Yuda Galis private chef gourmet

Yuda Galis, personal chef founder of “Galor”.


Q: What dishes are mostly requested by your clients? Any particular or bizarre request?

The requests are quiet varied and this is the whole idea of Galor personal chef,
Saying that alot of clients prefer healthy food with the finest ingredients presented beautifully, Mediterranean style is very much popular. We had once a client that ate just green food, this was quiet challenging!

Q: How do you source the products used to cook?

Our focus in Galor in on fresh seasonal ingredients, searching for the finest products in the market, keeping up to date with latest trends.
We have our trusted suppliers and we understand how important it is to keep a good working relationship with them.

Q: Can you tell us more about your clients? Why they choose your service?

Our clients are looking for a reliable agency to work with, someone they can trust to be the most professional and discreet.
Our detailed and exacting screening process is second to none, encompassing an in-person interview, extensive reference checking, thorough background checks and above all. We are always getting feedback on our ability to listen to a client’s needs and propose candidates who are perfect matches.

Q: Do you think that the demand for services provided by personal/private chefs is largely increasing in UK, and in general, in the world?

Yes, big time!
When we started almost 10 years ago, it wasn’t as popular as today.
I am very happy that people realise the benefits of having personal/private chef.

Q: What is the “range cost” of a dinner prepared by a Galor personal chef in a “private” accommodation? Also for events? 

This depends on the requirements and the complexity of the dinner party, but in average a daily rate for a chef will be around the £350 + the ingredients at cost price and agency fee.

Q: You have worked for Michelin Star Joel Rebuchon in Paris. How did you get on with him? What kind of personality does he have?

When I worked at Joel Rebuchon restaurants you are mainly dealing with his chefs that are running the restaurants, I adore Joël Robuchon and his cooking, I used to see his cooking TV Shows and really hoped that one day I will cook in his kitchen, I was delighted to discover in the few times I had a chance to see him in action, he was extremely professional and very kind, exactly like on TV.

Q: You’ve also worked in Sydney within an Italian restaurant. How was it?
Any differences in comparison to the previous cooking experiences?

In Sydney, it was a very different environment.
The restaurant was a family business and operated like a home, very Italian style, less accurate more abstract cooking without a lot of thinking.
The best chefs of Sydney used to come and get a very warm Italian welcome.
the food was delicious!.

Q: Did you had the chance to look at our project Nizza Paradise Residence in Lugano? What do you think about it? Is it very nice to work as a private chef in a luxury building? We feature very spacious and modern kitchens: are these important details for your work?

Had a look at the project and it does look amazing! for sure working in a well equipped spacious and modern kitchen is a Hugh help for any chef creating mouth watering, beautiful dishes.

Q: What programs do you have for the future of your beautiful work? How do you think it will evolve personal/private chef service?

At Galor we always have plans for the future, one of our goals is to put personal/private chefs on the map, so a school for personal chefs is currently on the “back burner”.