Burce Bekrek’s design and her “timeless” woman

Burce Bekrek is a young designer, among the most interesting personalities in the sector of international fashion. Her style goes from minimal to modern and is loved by young metropolitan women (minimal style clothing women and modern clothing women). The brand “Burce Bekrek” offers a unique, functional and customized design with particular attention to the quality of the cut. Porsche, Audi and Bentley have used items of clothing designed by the stylist born in Istanbul, who has been able in just few years of career to shine in the world most important runways.

Burce Bekrek’s polished and timeless style: face to face with the Turkish designer

Q: After having graduated at the Istanbul’s Marmara University with an honors degree on Fine Arts, Textile and Fashion Design, you moved to Milano where you completed your studies at Istituto Marangoni. How important was your period in Italy for your professional development? What are the aspects of Italian fashion that most influenced your work?

Istituto Marangoni was the most important and the supplementary part of my education and my career. In the faculty where I made my bachelor’s degree in Turkey I was educated for both art and also textile arts and fashion design. But in the end I realized that this education I got in Istanbul has developed me in the context of our culture, our deep-rooted culture that combines the east and the west. But, I needed more. I needed a different vision. An additional style would be able to make me create my own way. Istituto Marangoni was the perfect choice for me at that point. The presence of professional teachers  still active in the industry together with a system and an educational structure that sees the students as professionals were among the aspects which I appreciated the most at Istituto Marangoni.

But as a student of Milano’s Via Verri Campus, I believe that the most fascinating part of my education was the features of Italian fashion on which Instituto Marangoni Milano focused. The good part was that they were not focusing on this concept conservatively. They knew the world is changing and the innovation is key for design. So under the roots of Italian culture, art, design and fashion, the education they gave me made me discovering these codes from today’s perspective. According to today’s needs also these codes are of course currently changing. Our instructors were not denying or opposing their roots, but they adapted their roots to today’s world.
The ‘Made in Italy’ concept and the DNA of Italian fashion shaped my design vision. There are people who think that my brand is an Italian brand. I created my luxury pret-a-porter womenswear brand with that direction and vision.

Q: You are a professor at the Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts. How does being a teacher influences your business and your creativity?

It is a continuous change and conversion. I have been almost 10 years at the faculty, seeing different generations, different students and their diverse perspectives. I feel that I have to keep myself in a continuous development in terms of academic and sectoral sense in order to catch up with them. My creativity is always on mode to be able to direct them. In 2015 I finished the Istituto Marangoni’s Faculty Training program. That was a super experience for me and I knew that my students will also take advantage of this program through me.

woman style vintage 30s burce bekrek

A 30’s dress by Burce Bekrek beautiful collection during Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week (March 2017).

Q: What are the goals that you set for yourself as a stylist for the upcoming years?

I want to take my brand abroad of course. In this 7 years I aimed to create a unique style. A style doesn’t change according to trends. I created a timeless style. I have not distorted my style, my attitude and my signature for the last 7 years. Within this period of time I didn’t want to export my brand. Instead of growing quickly I wanted to develop my in-house production system and my brand’s identity slowly. Now it’s time to slowly go abroad.

Q: In the last years you participated and showed your work in the Fashion Weeks of Paris, Berlin and Instabul: in which fashion events do you plan to be involved in the near future?

Milan, for sure! But we will go on at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week İstanbul. Besides fashion weeks, in my near future I plan to have my work displayed in a good showroom in Italy. My dream is to work with Riccardo Grassi.

vintage style woman blonde hair fashion walkaway

A runaway show at Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week

Q: What are your sources of inspiration when you have to design a dress? 

Architecture, industrial design, art and philosophy. But interior design and architecture are always my top interests.

Q: What is your relation with the natural environment? Do you happen to find inspiration from nature (landscapes, animals, vegetation)?

I am a structure designer. You can see signature structural handmade textures details on Burce Bekrek’s designs. Of course sometimes landscapes and the nature itself inspire me. But the biggest relation with the natural environment that you can see on our designs are the fabrics we use sometimes. We use sustainable and nature-friendly materials for most of our lines.

Q: You say that “serenity and minimalism are the core foundation throughout your design process”. Do, and if yes, how serenity and minimalism reflect your choices for the furbishment and design of your apartments?

Yes, I am so passionate about interior design! I have been working for the past 2 years with a famous furniture brand ENZA HOME. I created spaces, designed living areas for the ENZA HOME BOOK Project. As a fashion designer I also designed fabric collection and product designs for the spaces I created for Enza Home Book. The Bauhaus movement is my biggest influence. While designing my living areas I embody serenity, well-balanced aesthetics and purist minimalism, which are the key elements for a comfortable which also should have an effortless functionality.

Q: Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”. Several stylist admitted that they were inspired by famous architects. Have you had the chance to have a look to the pictures of the Nizza Paradise Residence? If you decided to create a piece of clothing inspired by this architectural project, what would you do?

I knew Nizza Paradise Residence apartments for a while, before our interview. The first time I saw the project, it just stole my heart. Lately I got really interested in architectural projects that involve nature and modernism. In Turkey some of the projects made by architecture Ahmet Alatas inspired me and impressed me. His modernist glass house project was hidden in the forest took my attention years ago. When I looked to your luxury real estate for sale in Lugano, I could feel the same energy that I felt when I discovered that glass house. A modernist architecture blended with the power of the heavenly nature landscape. Minimalist and serene!
Its style fits with my brand’s identity so much. If I would design a piece of clothing and style a woman for the Nizza Paradise I would like to concentrate on its well-balanced compositions of horizontal levels that open up onto the beautiful landscapes. The form pointing upwards and follows the contours of the ground would inspire me to recreate my signature structure details for Nizza Paradise. I would create a woman who is down to the smallest details, but modern in spirit. I would like to concentrate on a design that expressed an idea of a contemporary femininity, fragility and sensitivity without sacrificing strength and impact. There might be a simplicity in how the style looks, but it should be extremely complex in terms of technique. Exactly like the Nizza Paradise itself.
But in fact I would love to design and decorate the interiors of an apartment in Nizza Paradise!