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In 1951 Andre Malraux wrote that “shapes become style through art”. That is the philosophy of Nizza Paradise Residence. Turning architecture into a new form of art.

The project won the first prize of an idea competition for the requalification of the entire lot.

A careful analysis of the land made it possible to turn architecture into natural language, transforming the hilly curves into constructive lines.

The building shape is articulated through a development towards the top of the slopes. It takes shape through a composition of horizontal levels, formed by foundations and glazed walls.
These walls open up on deep terraces and face the wood westwards, the Guidino Panoramic Park eastwards and Lake Lugano northwards. It is like living in an outstanding naturalistic environment.

progetto nizza paradise residence

A pedestrian path connects the ground floor of the Residence to three different territorial and landscape entities: the park, the lake and the wood. Pedestrian paths’ flows lead to the new building.

A trilogy of spaces is formed: public (Guidino Panoramic Park), semi-public (an open-air museum of sculptures), and private (residences). Nestled in the slopes, a telescope frames the landscape and embraces a wonderful SPA realized for the residents’ well-being, volumetrically defining the path among sculptures, park and wood.

Architectural firm Nizza Paradise Residence Mino Caggiula Architects
Beautiful swimmingpool in residence

Some of the residence’s communal spaces will be decorated with art-works. Architecture and art are combined, creating a unique style of its own.


The new project Nizza Paradise Residence is chronologically placed at the edge of the centurial architectural tradition born with the Hotel Nizza, historical example of Ticino hospitality, and risen in one of the most beautiful observation point of the Lugano bay.

The attention to the architectural and management details of the Nizza Hotel represented the leitmotif of the architectural research of Mino Caggiula Architects.
The interest towards the surrounding natural patrimony and the loving care of the structure previous owners pushed the studio to take in consideration the interpretation of the initial project bringing it out with a modern style.

Hotel Nizza 1
Hotel Nizza history
Hotel Nizza in Lugano in the past
Black and white Hotel Nizza in the past

Today’s result is a perfect example of respect for the environment and leading-edge architectural solutions. Style and fine materials create an ambience of true excellence.

*the images of the sculptures do not correspond to the final installations.