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Libellula Residence: modern and design apartments in the new residence in Muzzano (Lugano)

The project

Libellula Residence expresses the concept of architecture as a form of art. The purpose is not only the creation of a residential building, but also the concrete realization of an idea, a new way of living.

A privileged area, rich of natural beauty that guided the Mino Caggiula Architects studio to project an architectural complex which combines the functionality and the biological needs of the living space with the aestethic characteristics of a modern design.

An architecture conceived to be integrated in the surrounding environment like a dragonfly that spreads its wings and lays down on the landscape’s natural curves.

Libellula Residence is the expression of a refined luxury that is born and reflects through the uniqueness of the project.

modern apartments Muzzano Lugano

Welcome to Muzzano

Muzzano is located in a privileged position, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. Its altitude allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view over the surrounding area. The town is located 3 kilometers away from the splendid center of Lugano and 2 kilometers from the TASIS (The American School in Switzerland).

Lake Muzzano is a rare example of a glacial lake in a hilly area. Its banks, which have remained undeveloped, offer the opportunity to enjoy an unspoiled nature a few steps from the urban center of Lugano. It is the favorite destination for those who love jogging and walking, for all nature lovers and families with children.

Muzzano Lugano

From landscape to architecture

The structure of the residence is composed of four blades that penetrate the ground with a slight inclination and emphasize the view from the complex towards the lakes. From the outside to the inside, the apartments are designed to ensure an opening to the surrounding panorama from any point.

lake view apartments muzzano lugano

Modern and luxury apartments

Libellula Residence is composed of six apartments, divided into three levels.

The interior spaces range from 145 sqm to 201sqm with a roof garden of about 190 sqm with relaxation area and lake view. Libellula Residence meets the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of stylistic personalization within the living spaces. Who buys the apartment will have the chance of being assisted by an interior designer during all phases of creation of their own home.

ecofriendly apartments muzzano lugano

Fine finishes

Motta and Sironi studio in Lissone (Milan) looks after the creation of detailed interior designs and bespoke renderings for each apartment. All apartments are equipped with high quality kitchen and bathrooms, chosen among the most important and representative brands in the world of interior design.

Libellula Residence is designed for those who want to change perspective of living.

bright apartments muzzano lugano

Floor 0

Modern design Muzzano Lugano ground floor plan

Floor 0

Apartment 0.1

222.8 m2 internal area

282.6 m2 commercial area

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Floor 0

Apartment 0.2

225.6 m2 internal area

291.7 m2 commercial area

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Floor 1

Muzzano Lugano apartments first floor plan

Floor 1

Apartment 1.1

157.7 m2 internal area

239.9 m2 commercial area

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Floor 1

Apartments 1.2

175.0 m2 internal area

290.9 m2 commercial area

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Libellula residence penthouse plan

Floor 2


355.5 mq internal area

548.9 mq commercial area

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An agent is always available::

The showroom is in Via Ferruccio Pelli 3, Lugano

Ph. Showroom: +41 91 921 06 75

Ph. Giulio Di Stefano: +41 78 406 39 95

Ph. Norbert Candinas: +41 79 610 32 79