Luxury modern living rooms: design and sets [with PICTURES]

Are you looking for modern luxury living rooms (design and sets) for your house? Would you like to purchase a high standing residence that already includes this kind of furniture?

In this article you will find detailed suggestions and inspirations: from choosing the colours to the furniture, all you need to know for your astonishingly beautiful modern living rooms. Keep on reading!

Modern luxury living rooms: the importance of colours

In a modern luxury living room, light colours would definitely be used, for both the cladding and the furniture. It’s possible to match different colours when choosing the furnishing accessories.



luxury modern living rooms design

An elegant and luxurious living room with neutral colours – Nizza Paradise Apartment


Luxury modern living rooms sets – Nizza Paradise Residence


Among the neutral colours to choose from, white never goes out of style: it enlarges the room and reflects the light coming from outside. It’s just important to make sure that the incoming light is not excessive, perhaps because of a large French window.

If that is the case, that is when the living room is well lit from the outside, it’s possible to choose nuances on the yellow or dove-grey side, very fashionable in the last few years.

Luxury modern living rooms design: choosing the furniture

Once you have picked the main colours for your living room, the next step is matching the furniture. The choice of the design luxury furniture will depend on its shape and material.

Since it has to be a modern living room, the guideline while choosing the furniture is to search for elements with clean geometric shapes and a fine material cladding, that emphasises the elegance of the room, but without ostentation.

Let’s think about choosing the sofa: there will be a wide range of sofas to choose from for your luxury living room. Once you have decided the desired colours and sizes, it will all depend on the shapes, the dimensions and the materials.

How should I choose the sofa for my modern luxury living room?

Choosing the right sofa to place in a modern luxury living room might depend, apart from one’s personal taste, on the material used for the upholstering.

The choice ranges from leather and eco-friendly leather sofas, to sofas upholstered with velvet or refined fabrics, perhaps by a high-end brand.

Once you have picked the main colours for the entire living room, the sofa’s hue will be ton sur ton or in contrast with the rest of the room, depending on the aesthetic choices of the homeowner.

Let’s see a few examples.

In a well-lit room, in which the focal point is the outside view, perhaps better admired from a large balcony, the sofa would be the completing element to this hypothetical setting. It can be inserted without taking anything from the context.

In this case, the sofa will be in line with the context, ton sur ton, large but light-coloured, for example white or cream.

This choice is aimed at giving a little splash of colour without weighing down the final result. An example might be those sofas that, because of their appearance, can have a rigid and essential form but can also evolve into more systematic shapes.

Light-coloured sofas, or even with crystal panes used instead of legs, making the sofa almost a weightless element and emphasising thus even more its presence and elegance in such charming living rooms.


lago sofa

Crystal panes as a contact point between the sofa and the floor


Another option would be using a sofa that contrasts the living room.

Therefore it’s possible to choose a dark-coloured sofa, to be placed in a room that is usually characterised by more neutral colours, or opt for a fabric upholstery for the sofa, perhaps with a coloured pattern.


living room - sofa edra

A dark velvet sofa



modern living room luxury armchair missoni

A grey scale patterned lounge chair, perfect for modern luxury living room – Missoni Home



The sofa will always be in line with the armchairs, inserted only if the size of the room allows it, in order to diversify the seats, and also the moments lived within the living room.


Is it possible to place a coffee table in a modern living room?

A coffee table is certainly extremely functional and gives the perfect finishing touch to the seating area. It’s important to make sure that the coffee table has got the same style as the wall unit that includes the bookcase, the TV compartment and so on.

Fundamental elements when speaking of luxury living rooms are the lights.

How can I create the perfect atmosphere in my luxury living room even when it’s dark outside?

In a modern luxury living room, even the range of lights to choose from is very wide and it depends on the living room’s planimetrics.

From floor lamps to swag lamps, from the lights upholstered with metal to the ones upholstered with crystals and thin marble slabs, the range, as for the sofa, is very wide.

Let’s see a few examples:

A modern luxury living room has to include, as lighting element, at least a designer piece. There’s no better example than the Lamp Arco, created by the Castiglioni brothers and produced by Flos ®, with its simplicity, modernity, luxury and elegance.

This lightweight lamp consists of a suspended light source on a U-shaped steel section bar that stands on a marble parallelepiped touching the ground.

Although this project dates back to the beginning of the 1960s, the Lamp Arco is still very fashionable and considered one of the cult design objects.

You will find diffused light and greatly effective light sources also in the images below, that show different types of swag lamps, always characterised by clean shapes. That’s because in a modern luxury living room you should insert forms and materials that are in line with that style.


living room swag lamp

A modern and geometric swag lamp


Luxury modern living rooms sets: furnishing accessories

And, lastly, the furnishing accessories, not less important than the furniture itself, especially in luxury modern living room sets.

Choosing the right carpets, curtains and all of the other elements to be inserted in a modern luxury living room is in fact certainly not insignificant and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

These elements, that must be well balanced, will give the finishing touch to the living room. The modern style never leaves the sleekness and the cleanness of the room behind.


modern living room - furnishing accessories - set sofa television

The attention to furnishing accessories in a modern living room


An elements that shouldn’t be underestimated among the furnishing accessories is also the carpet, that, to this day, is the perfect finishing touch to a modern luxury living room. Usually neutral-coloured, or matching the sofas, it lends that perfect homelike atmosphere to the modern luxury living room.

Are you looking for a beautiful and elegant apartment with large modern luxury living rooms? The Nizza Paradise Residence includes all of these features. Find out more and ask for further information. Our staff is always available.