Luxury interior design: what it means and the best examples

When speaking of luxury interior design or luxury home furnishings, a whole new world opens up, a world made of refined materials and designer furniture. The classic lines reinterpret tradition by lending it a contemporary hint, while the more modern lines are minimalist, basic, very elegant but at the same time really impressive.

The furniture must reflect the homeowners’ personal taste. The possible choices are therefore numerous, as numerous as the different styles and possibilities offered by the brands of excellence of luxury furniture.

The current trend, even when speaking of luxury, is minimalist furniture. The basic, essential and geometric shape allows room for the chosen material. This detail, the material, is what makes the piece of furniture prestigious.

Sofas and armchairs by famous brands made in Italy are an example of this trend with their basic lines and their refined materials.

Luxury interior design: meaning of the word “luxury”

The Italian dictionary Treccani defines, in its very beginning, the term luxury as follows:

“Display of wealth, lavishness and splendour; tendency (also habitual, as standard of living) to purchase unnecessary goods without control, to buy and use items that, because of their quality or ornamentation, do not have a usefulness corresponding to their price”.

In our opinion, luxury, when applied to design, can be interpreted in various ways, differently from this definition that we consider an understatement. It most certainly isn’t true that they do not have a “usefulness corresponding to their price” when speaking of items that are truly and objectively prestigious, such as excellent finishes.

The term luxury can refer to the appearance of the piece of furniture, perhaps to its recalling the past. Hence the use of valuable typically ancient materials such as brocades, wainscoting and golden finishes, along with exclusive timber, with its vaguely vintage lines and style.

luxury interior design: classic style

Classical-style bedroom with gold-plating, brocades and capitonné

Speaking of classical antiquity, let’s not forget about the relevance of inlaid furniture, also from a historic point of view. Inlaying is an old technique that is nevertheless used nowadays and still brings elegance into the rooms, also in the varieties of stone inlays and stone mounting on wood.

luxury interior design: carved wooden furniture

Carved wooden piece of furniture

The combination of timber and precious stones, such as wood and marble for tables, are in fact very common in luxury furniture, both classical and modern.

luxury home furnishings: elegant dining room

Wood and stones for a very elegant dining room

Which are the elements that distinguish luxury home furnishings?

The keyword is fineness, referring to both the material and the design of the piece of furniture.

Classical or modern? The choice is up to the homeowner, but the final result is going to be astonishing either way. Examples of classical luxury furniture are blown glass chandeliers that can decorate high ceiling rooms, or a table to be placed at the entrance of the residence, with clear references to a classical style.

Whereas speaking of luxury furniture with a more modern design, this year it aims at reinterpreting the 70’s style. Hence the glam wallpapers, with their evocative three-dimensional motifs that convey joie de vivre, the iridescent colours, the materials that create light effects such as dark wood pieces of furniture, and the geometric patterns.

On the other hand, let’s not forget about elegant and basic minimalism, keeping in mind that luxurious touch.

It’s sufficient to add a cloth adorned with diamonds to give light, elegance and life to an armchair, or a fine marble covering a table top at the centre of the room, or maybe a lamp, with its essential and sinuous lines. And the magic happens.

An armchair completely covered in Swarovski crystals

An armchair completely covered in Swarovski crystals

Which are the most common materials in luxury furniture?

Creativity has no limits. It all depends on the technical and aesthetic choices, and obviously on the piece of furniture.

The materials range from fine wood types, such as walnut, olive and oak, for tables and surfaces in general, to polished stones. From leather upholstery to various types of brocades, from velvet to cloths adorned with diamonds.

The main character is once again glass, used in its multiple possibilities, from lamps to supports for tables and kitchen furniture.

As mentioned above, wallpaper, the star of interior design up to a few decades ago, has made a comeback in great style.

retro style living room: delicious furniture

A 70’s inspired retro style living room

The trend is to bring a floral effect into one’s living room. Cloths and decorations by high fashion brands add a retro yet refined feature to the room.

Luxury furniture in designer houses

In a designer house, luxury furniture needs to involve every room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living area to the bedrooms.

Here is an example.

The luxury furniture in a wide open-plan apartment would be:

– a kitchen planned to the last detail, whether its style is classical or contemporary

– a living area with a big sofa placed next to light sources that bring out its preciousness.

The fine Nizza Paradise Residence apartments have similar features.
Take a look at this open-plan kitchen/living room with high quality furniture.

An open-plan kitchen/living room with luxury furniture

An open-plan kitchen/living room with luxury furniture (Nizza housing complex 1 – Nizza Paradise Residence, Lugano Paradiso, Switerzland)

luxury interior design for living room

Impressive interior design for living room (Nizza Paradise Residence, Switzerland)


minimalist and very elegant bedroom furniture

A minimalist and very elegant bedroom furniture

Luxury is to be found in the bedroom too. From headboards enriched with the skilful use of the capitonné (XIX century technique that has recently become fashionable again) with diamonds instead of buttons in order to enhance its fineness, to minimalist backlit panels, equally precious and elegant.

Luxury and refinement also in the selection of the bedroom linen. From high fashion patterns to the timeless total white.

luxurious bedding

Which are the most common colours for walls in a luxury house?

Light colours are often preferred to enhance the brightness and the size of large rooms in luxury houses. It is nevertheless possible to use any kind of upholstery, also on just a single wall. For example, a trend that has made a comeback is the mosaic, applied on one of the walls in the living room or bathroom.

A mosaic, a precious material from the ancient times, can also be made out of enamelled glass tiles that lend even more light, preciousness and elegance to the rooms and make the mosaic become a part of the house.

The materials, along with the shape of the pieces of furniture, create the environment, a luxurious environment we could say, in which the sunlight will enhance the fine materials and the refined shapes.

Pieces of furniture by the greatest design experts such as armchairs, sofas, tables and light sources combine beauty and purity of shape throughout the use of refined materials, such as marble, also cut in very thin slabs and used as lampshades for light sources, resulting in spectacular effects.

Classical or modern luxury entrances?

In opposition to excessively classical luxury entrances, Nizza Paradise Residence stands out with its “modern” luxury.

Are you looking for luxury apartments in Lugano? If you want to find out more about Nizza Paradise Residence and its features, contact us. Our staff is always available.