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The choice of living in Lugano is justified by many reasons. First of all, the geographic position: the Ticino’s capital is located in a bay of the lake’s northern bank, surrounded by a wonderful alpine scenery. Lugano has many parks and flower gardens, exclusive museums, mountain, lake, and hosts many international events such as concerts and theatre shows. This makes it a perfect place where to live for those who love to have an active life and for those who enjoy a daily relaxation.


Historical Buildings of Artistic Importance and High-Quality Exhibitions in the Golden Mediterranean

Lugano has a Mediterranean climate and atmosphere. The city centre has several squares and arcades, as well as very beautiful villas and buildings. The city residents can have a walk through several parks with subtropical plants immersed in the urban context, such as the Guidino Panoramic Park. Life in Lugano is amazing: there many things to do, for fun or for business.

Several historical buildings of artistic importance are located in the very centre of this Swiss city. Many examples of Lombard architecture surround squares, arches and porticos.

Numerous high-level exhibitions are periodically organized downtown. The Cantonal Art Museum exposes paintings of Klee, Jawlensky, Renoir and Degas.

Art and architecture, the two most creative, traditional and at the same time innovative components of Lugano are the decisive ingredients which generated the special conceptual alchemy of the Nizza Paradise Residence.

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The economic welfare allows the citizens to live in perfect safety. Lugano is the third most secure city of Switzerland with a very low index of thefts and violations. This is possible especially thanks to the local police, which is constantly active and well-organized throughout the city and its surroundings.

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Lugano: Things to Do in A Cosmopolitan City

Lugano is the largest city of the Ticino’s touristic area, the third Swiss financial centre and a real gateway to Europe. A mingling of European cultures shapes the soul of one of the country’s most interesting regions from a cosmopolitan and economic perspective.

Switzerland offers better fiscal conditions in comparison to its neighboring countries. This is an important driver for the investors who choose this Country and in particular Paradiso, which offers additional fiscal benefits.

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Psychophysical wellbeing

Lugano offers to sports lovers the possibility of playing golf and doing breath-taking excursion.

It is a hospitable town with an open-minded and friendly spirit. It also offers numerous business opportunities and recreational activities.

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