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Luxury Apartments with SPA Available at our Residence

The Nizza Paradise Residence is a complex of luxury apartments, and it goes also beyond that: it has its own SPA, a true daily luxury. This privilege allows the residents to enjoy many benefits related to their personal health and conserving a psychophysic balance.

The wellness area is located at the level -1 easily reachable from all the apartments of the structure.

A 230 m2 SPA for the Guests of the Residence

The architects designed a spa area of 230 m2 with floorings and walls cladded with high-quality tiles in porcelain gres. Its entrance has a fine durmast parquet.
This type of cladding is part of the prestigious Na.Me Mirage (NE 31 GRIS BELGE) Collection. It is in perfect harmony with the most innovative interior design trends and is perfectly embodied in the context of the Nizza Paradise.

The SPA consists also of a wonderful turkish bath covered with tiles in porcelain gres and resistant to high temperatures. It also includes a traditional sauna and of a chromotherapic shower. You can spoil your body, access a large relax area (54 m2) and lay down in comfortable sun beds. And why not enjoying a selection of tea and infusions with some snacks in the beauty bar?

apartment with spa switzerland plan health center
Elegant real estate with spa Lugano Ticino Switzerland swimming pool art

Stunning Infinity Pool and Fitness Area

The SPA’s highlight is the indoor infinity pool, a wonder for eyes and bodies.

Nizza Paradise is not only wellbeing and carefreeness with a panoramic view, but also physical activity. In fact, it has a gym with very modern sports gear.

The area is daily cleaned and sanitized. The wellness area is managed with high professionalism for the guests of the Nizza Paradise.

Prestigious real estate with spa Lugano Ticino Switzerland swimming pool
Prestigious real estate with spa Lugano Ticino Switzerland sauna

An agent is always available:

The showroom is in Via Ferruccio Pelli 3, Lugano

Ph. Showroom: +41 91 921 06 75

Ph. Giulio Di Stefano: +41 78 406 39 95

Ph. Norbert Candinas: +41 79 610 32 79