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House for sale overlooking lake: how to choose it

Are you looking for an house for sale overlooking lake? A house overlooking the lake is definitely an excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy a breathtaking view. A house overlooking the lake, unlike other living arrangements, allows you to live truly close to nature: the residences overlooking the lake benefit from an excellent [...]

Antonio Lupi: company history, curious facts and the best pieces of furniture

Antoniolupi design, headquartered in the heart of Tuscany, between Vinci and Cerreto Guidi, is a world-renowned company for the beauty and fineness of its bathroom furniture, and not only.Antonio Lupi, the founderThe firm was established by Antonio Lupi, the forefather of the family that to this day is running the company. Born in 1932, he [...]

Buying a Swiss property

Buying a Swiss property can be a great idea. Switzerland has a very good economic stability and an excellent quality of life. It has also an excellent health system, high-level universities and tax advantages. This country is perfect for those who want to spend holidays, or undertake a business and real estate investments. Do [...]

Modern luxury apartments

Beautiful, elegant, refined: modern luxury apartments never fail to amaze. Many luxury buildings around the world are encouraged by this booming market niche. Are you looking for a luxury apartment in Lugano (Ticino, Switerzland)? Nestled between the languid and dreamy lands surrounding the lake, Nizza Paradise Residence is a perfect blend of art, nature [...]

Luxury modern living rooms: design and sets [with PICTURES]

Are you looking for modern luxury living rooms (design and sets) for your house? Would you like to purchase a high standing residence that already includes this kind of furniture? In this article you will find detailed suggestions and inspirations: from choosing the colours to the furniture, all you need to know for your astonishingly [...]

Lugano Paradiso: history, landscapes and surroundings

After crossing Melide’s dam bridge, the train passengers will pass by a small station that precedes Lugano’s most important one, that is Lugano Paradiso. In the travellers’ eyes, this little piece of heaven, only a few kilometres away from the livelier town of Lugano, is a gem overlooking the lake. Paradiso, known as Calprino until [...]

Luxury interior design: what it means and the best examples

When speaking of luxury interior design or luxury home furnishings, a whole new world opens up, a world made of refined materials and designer furniture. The classic lines reinterpret tradition by lending it a contemporary hint, while the more modern lines are minimalist, basic, very elegant but at the same time really impressive. The furniture must reflect [...]

Properties for sale in the green (Lugano): why live there

Properties for sale in the green are a privilege that many "nature-addicted" would like to afford.A beautiful elegant house “on the green” with large rooms gives unique emotions.Nizza Paradise Residence is a perfect blend of art, nature and avant-garde architecture: luxury apartments and properties of great prestige, for sale to anyone who loves the well-being.Our apartments, amazing prestigious properties, [...]

Best green building materials: shortlist and how are they used

Which are the best green building materials? In order to build a house that follows green building standards (therefore that is environment-friendly and at the same time guarantees maximum living comfort), the first thing to do is choose the suitable building materials. Construction of a building with wood covering. When speaking of green building and [...]

Ivana de Vivanco: the cosmopolitan artist with an astonishing style

She is not afraid to put the spectator into an “uncomfortable” situation. Ivana de Vivanco (personal website) is a half-Chilean, half-Peruvian young artist. She has the attention of many contemporary art experts. Her web-site includes  images of some of her most interesting paintings and tells us about her artistic path. [...]

Kinga Nowak: “My inspirations between art and architecture”

Bold framing, intense colours (often contrasting), a penchant for blacks, and firm brush strokes. Kinga Nowak is a Polish young artist (born in 1977) and already very appreciated. Cited among the 100 “young international painters” from the emblazoned Beers Gallery, the painter tells her secrets and her inspirations. […]

Lisa Gillbe, the personal stylist and shopper of London-based professionals

London-based professionals can now take advantage of Lisa Gillbe’s services, who takes care of the style and wardrobe of those busy businessmen and women who do not have time or the expertise to look after their own dressing style in the way required by their social position. […]

Designer star Kari Whitman: “Portugal will be the next design hub”

Professional actress, interior designer for passion: Kari Whitman was a successful model and actress in the 1980s and 1990s, starring in many important movies and tv shows in the States. Whitman’s life changed in 1994 when she launched Kari Whitman Interiors, a company specialized in high-profile interior design. […]

Burce Bekrek’s design and her “timeless” woman

Burce Bekrek is a young designer, among the most interesting personalities in the sector of international fashion. Her style goes from minimal to modern and is loved by young metropolitan women (minimal style clothing women and modern clothing women). The brand “Burce Bekrek” offers a unique, functional and customized design [...]

At home as in the luxury restaurant: Yuda Galis, the Hollywood stars personal chef

He used to cook for Morgan Freeman and Will Smith. Since 2008 he imposed himself as a personal chef on the London scene (and not only). We are talking about Yuda Galis, not yet turned 40, Israeli cook and Galor’s founder, a successful platform of private chefs. […]